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Imagine a time when all businesses are truly viewed, supported, and deemed equal! We, at Curated Equal, believe that time is now!

Curated Equal (CE) is a national, online directory for minority owned businesses! Discover new businesses that service your city.

CE was created by best friends April Byrd Mosley and Aneka Carter. The two were raised in the historic African American community of Gum Springs, located in Alexandria Virginia, and have been friends since preschool. Both are business owners on their own but have always set their sights on creating a beautiful business together. April, a Virginia Tech graduate, multimedia designer, and amazing crafter, wanted to create a special place for business owners like herself. Aneka, a Tennessee State University graduate, project manager, and community leader, had an affinity for small businesses, and desired a way to help them flourish. Together their creativity and life-long chemistry has been unmatched, from preschool, to track championships, and now Curated Equal!

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